"In a world of dwindling resources and spiraling demands for energy, it’s easy to imagine a day when the oil runs dry.  Each time the price of gas goes up we feel it.  We feel the scarcity.  We feel the fossil fuels running out.  We feel the end pushing near.  What does this mean to our cars, our buses, our semis, and our tractors?  What is to become of the machines we have come to depend on for so much when their fuel runs out?"

-M.W. LaFary


Out of Gas takes a look at what happens when the machines stop working.  The work is a record of machines already gone, but it paints a graphic and unsettling picture of the inevitable future of the rest.  Work began on Out of Gas in the fall of 2011 and continues today.  Currently the work is being executed on 35mm film and  recovered 4”x5” instant Fuji negatives.  Upon completion the entire body of work will be released in limited edition archival prints and as a hardcover book.