I was born and raised in Bargersville, IN, a small farm town on the outskirts of the Indianapolis suburbs. In 1999, I was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design where I would go on to study painting, printmaking, illustration, and three-dimensional animation. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2003, receiving my BFA, before returning home to work in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I now work as Lead Artist for Expo Design, an Indianapolis based company specializing in production art and prop fabrication. Since my graduation in 2003, I have produced a number of well-known public works in the Indianapolis area both through my work at ExpoDesign and as an independent contractor.  With more than a decade of education and experience in a wide range of disciplines and materials I am relatively new to photography. Never having taken a single photography class in my life I picked up a plastic camera and shot my first roll of 35mm film in November of 2009. From that moment forward film photography has been my sole mode of artistic expression.

I now shoot 35mm, medium format 120 rollfilm, and 3"x4" and large format 4"x5" instant peel apart packfilm. I am currently experimenting with negative recovery from Fuji peel apart packfilm and plan to begin wet plate collodion work in the coming months.  Working with a wide range of vintage cameras, I continually strive to expand my understanding of alternative techniques and processes.  I am currently producing archival prints on Museo Silver Rag with Epson high density UltraChrome K3 pigment and 3"x4" and 4"x5" instant Fuji prints.

My work is produced exclusively on film with fully manual cameras. All effects are achieved through in-camera processes and exist on original film negatives.  Digital manipulation is strictly limited to standard adjustments achievable through traditional darkroom techniques.  My images are just as much about the process by which they are made and the experience of making them as they are about what they look like. For me a photograph is about more than its physical manifestation as a print or visual composition and represents the culmination of place, time, experience, and the deliberate execution of a creative process. 

Working with this approach, I have traveled all over Indianapolis and my surrounding area and have begun to expand my work to include more distant locations. I work to provide a social commentary through direct observation and consider myself a fine art documentary photographer that is above all an artist.  I strive to produce work that contributes not only to the evolution of our contemporary visual language, but to the larger cultural dialogue within my community.