"I look around and I see things falling apart everywhere. Our homes, our property, our schools and hospitals, our businesses, and even the values and beliefs that make us who we are seem to be slipping away from us. We are overwhelmed. We accumulate more and more things and leave ourselves with less and less time to manage them. We are stretched thin. We find ourselves in a great decline.

We splash new paint and prop up the signs and turn on the flashing lights. We apply the thin veneer to all the facades and we pave up Main Street and sip drinks on the sidewalk. We build new houses made of vinyl and slide new drug stores in between. We default and open new lines of credit and just plow straight ahead as if it can't go wrong. But even as we do all of this it crumbles at the edges and burns in the distance.

We look away and pretend it isn't there. We stick to the shiny path and ignore the warning signs, but the great decline is here and its nipping at our heels. We have left a trail of wreckage in our wake as we've tried to outrun it. My job and the intention of this work is to point a finger at the decline--to face it head on and acknowledge what is happening right around every corner."

-M.W. LaFary 


The first volume of an ongoing body of work, DECLINE vol. 1 documents the phenomenon of decline through the exploration of abandoned, neglected, or otherwise disregarded spaces. This first volume includes seventy nine works on 35mm film from nine sites in central Indiana as observed between June 2010 and June 2011 as well as some of the hidden places along the way.

The volume consists of twenty-four 12" x 18" and fifty-five 6" x 9" prints.  Each site is represented with a pair of 12" x 18" enlargements and then explored through accompanying 6" x 9" prints.  Each signed and numbered original print is produced in 200 year Epson high density UltraChrome K3 pigment on Museo Silver Rag and is limited to five prints in the edition.

In addition to prints, the volume is also available from blurb as a beautiful 12" hardcover book or available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or on your computer at itunes.

For availability and pricing of specific prints or for a complete catalogue of available prints please inquire directly through the contact page.