"Our decline continues. The slip towards our inevitable end relentlessly persists. Despite strong recovery in employment, housing, manufacturing, and record setting Dow Jones numbers--despite the comforting indicators and statistics, we continue towards collapse. Unsustainable capitalist growth models, globalized consumption based economics, exploding human population, and a countless litany of unaddressed threats to our very existence are allowed to persist in the interest of maintaining the status quo. The future is being sold as we hurl towards it. Spiraling demands for our finite resources continue to push us further and further towards the breaking point.

This is the subject of my work here. Not just the decline of some things, but the decline of it all--the decline of mankind. I have made pictures from the things that I've observed around me and I have chosen the rot and the decay and the crumbling away places, but they must not be confused as my subject. I am not showing you a place that has fallen so that you might recall what it was, or marvel at its ruin.  I want to show you the future of all things. I am presenting a metaphor for what is to come. My subject is vanity, the impermanence of things, the folly of man--my subject is hubris and our gleeful descent into oblivion."

-M.W. LaFary


DECLINE vol. 2 is the latest volume of work to be released from the ongoing DECLINE series.  The volume consists of seventy eight 35mm frames printed in 200 year Epson high density UltraChrome K3 pigment on Museo Silver Rag, and  eight recovered 4”x5” fuji instant negatives direct printed to aluminum plates.  Each original print is signed and numbered and limited to five prints in the edition. 

The work continues to document and reflect upon the phenomenon of decline through the exploration of abandoned, neglected, or otherwise disregarded spaces.  This second volume includes works from twenty four sites in central and southern Indiana as well as one site in northern Kentucky.

In addition to prints, the volume is also available from blurb as a beautiful 12" hardcover book or available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or on your computer at itunes.

For availability and pricing of specific prints or for a complete catalogue of available prints please inquire directly through the contact page.